October 12th, 2008

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This is my first post ever and this is because today i had one of the greatest day ever. My sister and me had dinner with anoukinparis. I am so happy because I actually got to meet her and we got to fangirl together. It was so much fun. I am not the greatest at explaining myself on text  so I don't fangirl online. Meeting her in person was the best. I loved talking about  DBSK to someone who also knows about them. I talk to my friends about them but it is not the same since they are like yeah yeah whatever. I was so excited about actually talking to someone who knows about them plus she writes about them. We had rants about everything and anyhting. I hope we can do this again.  I wish I could do this with all the amazing authors. I want to know more fans in person because to me that would be one of the best things ever. I am now on cloud nine to know one person is close enough so we can fangirl together